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Sharing your Animal Crackers DIY-Style

Cute ways to add a little animal style into your day!
Cute ways to add a little animal style into your day!
Little Brown Bird

There are so many sweet accessories out, cupcakes, lolli’s, candy and more on bracelets, earrings, charms and more! With school starting soon, a little cute snack that I remember are animal crackers…and the icing ones are just darling! So finding little fun accessories to accent your look based on those cookie/crackers, are too fun to not share!

I would totally take Little Brown Bird’s tutorial for these fun felt critters and make a brooch or hair barrette with them as the focus! Patterns for all of the animals are shown and available for free! Embellish the “icing” even more with glitter sugar-like beads or “sprinkle” bugle or seed beads!

Need something cute to carry your lunch money to school? Trinkets in Bloom take a cute Animal Cracker box and turns in it into a purse! This box happens to be a limited edition Lilly Pulitzer Barnum’s Animal print with proceeds going towards Operation Smile. You can still find these boxes on ebay, if you have your heart set on this exact design. But the original red box is perfect to make a nostalgic version!

If you’re a more mature “back to college” type but want a little whimsy in your dorm, you can use those patterns for the felt critters and enlarge them to create 24” x 24” felted wool, standard cookie crackers! Adding a little baking dent to the top of the shape and filling with your favorite pillow stuffing, the entire line would be so cute and comfy in your room! Reference the patterns for additional shapes to make an entire menagerie!

What other school and fashion accessories would you like in animal form?