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Sharing the road with a motorcycle pack

At clubhouse with Scorpions MC Chaplain, Zig Zag and wife Susan
At clubhouse with Scorpions MC Chaplain, Zig Zag and wife Susan

Last Saturday, Scorpions MC participated in a Commemoration Run for a GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten) brother. The ride started in West Tawakoni, TX and ended at Scorpions (Gun Barrel Chapter) Club House, which is oddly enough, located in Kemp, TX. It’s only a few feet inside the “Kemp, TX” city boundaries. No wonder I was so confused.

Several members of another well respected club from Tawakoni, TX participated in the run, despite the rain (and threats of possible hail). You and I know that clubs like this only have more resolve when hardship, danger or inclement weather presents itself. I think “Hell Yah!” is the term used in situations like this.

I believe 40 or so bikes formed one of the most ‘tight and in ranks’ pack that I’ve ever seen. These men know how to ride. Clubs like this don’t string out or even stagger their pack in this type run (see photo). They form two side-by-side lines in a single lane with a clean and straight space down the middle. They also follow close behind each other so they move together like one organism. This type pack strongly discourages cages (automobiles) from being tempted to maneuver between them, thus breaking the pack and possibly causing an accident.

So many club members have military backgrounds its second nature for them to follow through with a strictly regimented order when they ride.

I witnessed a time in Austin when an automobile tried to change lanes into a pack that I was in. The pack wasn’t going very fast so the lady driving the car figured, if she turned on her blinker, one of the nice motorcycles would back off and let her car in. After all, she needed to turn into the Sears parking lot.

I happened to be riding as passenger on the bike that was at the very spot she wanted to occupy. Her auto got so close to my leg, I think I could have reached out and adjusted her right rear view mirror . . . (or maybe not). However, I leaned over and gave her a ‘back and forth’ motion with my pointing finger while shaking my head ‘NO’ and yelled “You don’t want to do this!” Of course, our bike was maintaining our position in the pack per proper protocol.

Just about that same time, the bike riding drag (behind the pack), had sped up approaching the left side of her car. He extended his leg and kicked the driver’s door. Now, this kick wasn’t a little toe tap just to get her attention . . . it was a leg reared back, full boot smash into her door to let her know he meant business. It scared her so badly; she pulled over to the left median and started crying so I think she got the message.

I know I’ve told this story before, but with new readers finding this column daily, I’ll repeat it. I never did see whether the biker left a boot shaped dent on her car door or not but I suspect he did. What do you think?

Now, I can just hear citizens (non bikers) think kicking the nice lady’s door wasn’t necessary but when a cage and motorcycle tangle . . . guess who gets injured or killed? The biker – I rest my case, your honor.

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