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Sharing nude celebrity photos has criminal consequences

Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence have hit the net after her phone was hacked
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Nude photos of multiple celebrities were recently leaked on cyber troll havens like 4Chan, according to this Monday news report, and the victims include quite a few household names. Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and many others were on the list of celebs whose phones were hacked. Of course, some of these celebs claim that the leaked photos are fake, but others have admitted that the intimate photos were theirs, owning up to the humiliating truth that they were hacked by an intrusive entity. It's no surprise that many of the photos have gone viral, with multiple sources sharing the photos (edited and unedited) in hopes of getting page views and to stir up more attention to the leaked images of celebs in their most intimate moments. There's a problem with all of this sharing, though: It can get you into some serious trouble.

Attorneys representing these celebrity victims intend on pursuing the prosecution of anyone who posts the photos, and of course investigative authorities with various law enforcement agencies will be looking into this situation thoroughly. In other words, sharing these photos and posting them on blogs or message boards could get people in trouble with investigative agencies, as well as in civil court. That's especially if anyone is out there trying to make money off of these stolen intimate moments.

Comedian Seth Rogan took to Twitter to criticize those who are sharing these photos -- and those selling them -- likening it to selling and accepting stolen property. These were photos that were stolen from celebrities after their phones and iCloud storage were illegally accessed by hackers. Overall, this entire series of events has caused a lot of emotional suffering -- not to mention the feelings of being violated that comes with having your privacy literally violated. Not only is it morally wrong to even view these photos -- much less share them -- the criminal consequences outweigh the benefits of having seen parts of these celebrities you'd have otherwise never seen.

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