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Sharing means caring: Simple tip to consume fewer calories

We are taught early in our lives that sharing is a kind gesture that helps build strong character. It is almost a crime to not share things with others. We share everything with friends, family, and significant others. We share music, we share math homework answers in high school, we share clothes, and we even share our deepest secrets. We should also get in the groove of sharing meals with each other.

Sharing meals at dining establishments is a simple way to cut calories and improve overall health
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Sharing meals (no matter if it’s appetizers, entrees, or desserts) is a very easy way to eat what you want, but to discipline yourself to eat less of it. This is especially important for people who are trying to lose weight and be more physically fit. By sharing meals with an acquaintance, you cut back on calories that you would have consumed otherwise.

This simple meal strategy works best with large portions that can be shared among two or three people. Many restaurants serve large appetizers, which can serve as your meal-of-the-night. Appetizers such as mini-pizzas, chicken tenders, and sampler dishes (where you are given a little bit of each item to sample) can sometimes be too much for one person to handle. Share amongst your peers. It leaves more room in your digestive tract for the main course.

Another benefit to sharing meals is that it will cost much less out-of-pocket. It’s simple math: you order one appetizer, instead of two. Your bill will be lower every time. It is highly recommended to do the same for desserts. Earlier this year, the World Health Organization recommended that people consume less added sugars in their diets. Sharing can help you meet this goal.

It is easy to underestimate the total number of calories consumed in one day. Thankfully, modern technology has invented some user friendly cell phone applications in which you can document everything you eat. By objectively inputting everything you consume, you will see how many calories you take in as well as the rest of the profile: carbohydrates, protein, fat, and sugars. A good example of one of these applications is MyFitnessPal.

Sharing meals can help cut down on added sugars and calories. It can take some practice, so do not give up easily. Invest in your health by sharing meals with your peers.

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