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Sharing Dad Stories Can Win Some Great Stuff this Father’s Day!

Mantlepiece wonder
Mantlepiece wonder

Dad stories, we’ve all got ‘em. Accidentally tearing up the yard, running faulty electrical wire or tricking you into doing work, everybody has a story about dear ‘ole dad. Now is the time to cash in those ‘precious’ gems and get him something he’s always wanted. Free stuff! is running a fantastic giveaway where telling your favorite father story could win great prizes just in time for his big day. Even if you don’t win the contest, you still win with their huge database of great DIY ideas to inspire you to create something Dad can enjoy. Here’s a short list of Hometalk’s easy-to-do projects that could take you just a small portion of your afternoon, but don’t just print these and add them to his honey-do list. It’s Father’s Day!

Ever the sports fan, Dads have a collection of ticket stubs that have accumulated over the years but hiding them in a scrapbook is the opposite of what he wants. Compiling them into this framed masterpiece where good times will be properly displayed is just what the umpire ordered. And all those colorful stubs will adorn his mans room when the men get together to swill some suds.

Table chairs falling apart and looking for a fix? Well grab some old belts and replace that old chair pad with a nice leather support for his tired ole ass with this Chair fix. He’ll appreciate the money saved and it won’t cost you a full weekend to make them up. (Goodwill always has plenty of old belts if you need more.)

If ties are your father’s penance then this old Coke crate could lift his spirits. Lying down or standing up it makes a nice addition to his wardrobe and is an easy Dad idea for the kids. Also, a simple beer bottle will make this great liquid soap holder for the garage sink. Not only will it clean up in a jif but it also is a simple way to lift his spirits after a hard day of work. (I would use an aluminum bottle just in case his hands get slippery.)

Now if you’ve got time on your hands and want to really help him putt around the backyard then you should go all out with this Backyard Putting Green project. Every Dad in the neighborhood will line up for a chance to ‘que with Pops and it may get him out of the garage every once in a while.

If you want to join Hometalk's amazing site just sign up to follow some of their ever updated topics, my guess is you'll never be able to do them all. Doing something special for a loved one doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money and upcycling or recycling items that hold sentimental value is a great way to say you care. The people at understand that and the project ideas that fill their pages are definitely worth taking a look at. Have fun and Happy Father’s Day!