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Sharing Content Made Easy- Flash Drives for Smart Phones

Flash Drives for Smart Phones
Flash Drives for Smart Phones
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USB flash drive has been a revolution in the world of data storage and data transfer. And we all have tried and tested its several benefits. With data storage technology getting smarter and advance now we have flash drives for smart phones also known as ‘On The Go’ (OTG) USB device. Although smart phones flash drives have been there for some time, it’s only now that vendors have started offering it as a great alternative and shortcut to transferring data from smart phone to mobile and the other way round.

The market for OTG is expected to grow sooner or later. According to many industry experts the OTG flash drives will be embraced by smart phones due to its multipurpose functionality and the convenience to use to anywhere. Earlier smart phone users had to a USB-to-micro USB converter cable which although wasn’t a time consuming. But it’s always good to have something which is easy and faster. Moreover with big players like ‘SONY’ entering the market we can expect great competition and quality products.

‘OTG’ flash drives are not only compatible with smart phones but also with tablets. The flash drive provides additional storage capacity users generally need to increase the productivity of smart phones. Installed with a micro connector the flash drive can be easily connected to phones directly. It improves ones efficiency to transfer and store data on the go, adding, sharing or deleting any kind of from your smart phone or speaking professionally helping with your upcoming presentations while you’re on the way to office.

Smart phone flash drive allows users to transfer videos, photos, song files and other data to free up the limited space and create space for new data. It’s best suitable for smart phone users who share, transfer and want to have back-up without relying on other modes of data transfer. According to one the media experts OTG drive is a fast solution in fast times. People can share data with others in just few simple steps. It’s a combination of faster performance, multi-tasking, convenience and peace of mind. These drives are a must for all smart phone users.

Most of the latest OTG flash drives are USB 2.0 connectors. These are compatible with most of the Android versions starting from 4.0.3 to 4.3 and compatibility with version 4.4 is expected soon. The storage available on these drives is 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB storage options are available. The cost of these drives varies from company to company but mainly starts from $19.99, $29.99 and $62.99 respectively for three different capacities.

At one point you’ll always have the helpful and old fashioned Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, email, upload and other ways of sharing content, but it’s always good to have some trending alternative for those who have a lot to share or just can’t afford to lose their data at any cost. Not to forget the real benefits are best known when experienced. Once you start using smart phones flash drive you’ll surely say that it’s a smarter way of sharing content.

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