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Sharika Soal: The woman behind Shay Johnson's arrest warrant

Sharika is the woman behind Shay Johnson's arrest warrant.
used with permission from Sharika Soal

Sharika Soal is a Los Angeles based recording artist and recently made waves when she became involved in "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Shay Johnson's bottle throwing drama. Sharika wasn't involved in the way you would think though, she wasn't even in Atlanta for the now-infamous bar fight. The outspoken vocalist of Lady Soal is responsible for Shay Johnson's arrest warrant stemming from earlier this year.

Sharika was gracious enough to speak with Examiner about the fight and what motivated her to push for law enforcement involvement in the bar brawl that left one of Joseline Hernandez' friends bleeding after Shay Johnson hit the woman in the face with a bottle of Ciroc.

Who is Sharika Soal?

Sharika's real last name is Sawer but she is known as Sharika Soal. She is the solo performing artist known as Lady Soal and she has some pretty powerful pipes. If you've never heard Sharika sing, check out the treat that is the Bus Driver Blues. If her music doesn't get you, check out the rest of her YouTube channel because she's also pretty funny and really, really real.

How is Sharika involved in the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' drama with Shay Johnson?

Sharika wasn't at Sleazy & Zino's Bistro & Bar during the filming of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" when Shay hit another woman with a bottle. She saw the footage and wanted to know why no action was taken. After sending an email to the Atlanta Police Department with footage of the altercation along with a date and location, police took action and issued a warrant for Shay Johnson's arrest. The name of her victim was never released to the public and she failed to press charges herself.

Sharika said herself that she is tired if the violence on reality TV and the fact that law enforcement seems to turn a blind eye. There has been so much violence on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" alone that they have now assigned a bodyguard to each cast member to keep them safe and to keep them from fighting with each other. When asked why this particular fight bothered her so much, Sharika said it was just the last straw. This fight was particularly rough with the victim leaving with a bleeding head wound.

For the record, Sharika does not know Shay Johnson and doesn't even run in the same circles. Her "snitching" has nothing to do with bad blood or revenge. She simply was sick of the fighting on some of these reality shows and wanted to make a stand. She says she did it for her son's generation and to prove that you don't have to give in to that ratchet kind of behavior in order to get attention.

If you're the type that would rather support an amazing vocalist who is working hard to make a mark in the music business, check out Sharika's amazing performances on YouTube. She has power and soul in her voice that you can't find on the radio. There's a pretty good chance she won't be wielding a Ciroc bottle either.

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