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Shari’s Soap Opera: think Puccini, not ‘Days of our Lives’

hand crafted and impressive
hand crafted and impressive
Carol Stigger

Okay. This is ‘just’ about soap and scrubs and lotions. But the difference between expertly handcrafted beauty products and those indifferently stirred in a humongous vat is like the difference between a Puccini aria and daytime TV dialogue with mattress springs sprogging in the background.

From her vanilla-mint foot butter to her lemon-grass shampoo bars, Shari has you covered tastefully and elegantly. And naturally. No harsh chemicals or unnatural scents will spoil your experience.

When I chose toiletries, I consider how they will play in the guest bathroom. Will guests think I spend my afternoons eating chips and watching soap operas or will they think I have ‘Madam Butterfly’ playing while I do a little watercolor of my hand-cultivated roses? Okay, so I bought them at the grocery. In a nice vase, who’s to know? With Shari’s products you can gently imply you have a creative side – without saying a word. The products speak for themselves.

I am new to bar shampoo, but love the idea of traveling with it. No more stinking shampoo leaking out of my quart-size plastic bag while TSA tsks tsks about the mess I left in the plastic bin.

Shari advises that commercial shampoo and conditioners leave a coating on your hair that may take several shampoos with a bar to strip off. Before the foreign elements are rinsed away, you might have “funky hair” for a few days. So, if you are packing bar soap, but sure to use it a few times before traveling. I am considering going the funky hair route through TSA. I mean, I have had it with those folks.

You can order Shari’s Soap Opera products through the Etsy (dot) com website and learn more about the benefits of natural beauty products.

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