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Share your secrets, Pointing Fingers from Hasbro

It's ok to point - Pointing Fingers by Hasbro

When everyone is sitting around during Family Game Night, do you wonder what your dad did when he was in college? Was there a night where he went streaking around the college quad? Maybe your mom has always wanted to join a rock band, did you know that little known fact? With the game Pointing Fingers, everyone can learn a little more about everyone's likes, little known facts and maybe a few funny experiences.

Pointing Fingers is a fast paced question and answer game. Each person reads a question from one of the cards, then everyone else writes down how often they've done it on their Truth Meters. Then you point out who you think has done it the most with your funny Foam Finger! If you're right, you score.

The fun of Pointing Fingers is learning more about the fellow players. The questions fall into two categories, have you ever or would you ever. Some examples include would you ever swap your own family for a TV family? (that got a great response over the holidays) or would you go dumpster diving? The other questions or have you ever gone streaking to have you ever cleaned vomit out of a car (what mom hasn't) can be extremely revealing. Overall, this game is a fun, engaging way to learn more about friends and family.

Pointing Fingers is produced by Hasbro. The game includes 6 Foam Fingers, 6 Truth Meters, 100 cards and instructions. It retails for approximately $14.99 at many retailers or online at the Hasbro website.

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