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Share the Love wants to become a "Second Harvest" for pet foods

Share the Love, a pet food pantry based in Pilot Mountain NC, wants to become the "Second Harvest" for pet foods. As the group's website says, perfectly good pet food gets thrown away every single day across the country. The discarded food comes from manufacturing plants, retail stores, etc. Share the Love estimates that this wasted food is enough to feed 75% of the rescue groups in existence.

The group's mission is to create a central network for receiving and distributing donations.

The TruthAboutPetFood blog tells how you can help Share the Love reach their goals and benefit countless animals. In particular, Share the Love is looking for connections to pet food companies that produce high-quality products, not those that are full of low-quality ingredients (corn, wheat, byproducts, etc.).

Rebecca Forrest, the Dayton Pets Examiner, will take this information to the company whose products she represents and encourage them to participate.

Please do your part and help this effort in any way you can!


  • Savannah Pets Examiner-Dena 4 years ago

    What a great idea? Brings up the question of an out-of-date stamp though. Just how long is the food good for when the bag is stamped with their sell-by date? I know the food is better and more wholesome but for how long. It seems like a great iea if only companies would make sure they sped up the process to get it from point A to point B and then to the shelters to feed the animals in need. I hope this catches on.
    Great article!