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Share the Love in 2014

Share the Love with Two Bostons!
Share the Love with Two Bostons!
Two Bostons

Beginning Saturday, February 1st and going through Sunday, February 16th, the general public and all dog aficionados are invited to Share the Love with Two Bostons. Share the Love is a “People ‘N Pets” Food Drive.

This all-inclusive pet drive is scheduled to take place in all three Two Bostons Store locations:

1. The Downtown Naperville Store is located at 103 West Jefferson Street (phone 630.357.7621)

2. The Naperville Springbrook Mall Store is located at 2523 West 75th Street (phone: 630.305.0150)

3. The Downtown Geneva Store is located at 309 West State Street (phone: 630.262.0345)

Two Bostons engage in fantastic fundraising events such as this one to behoove the public and outside organizations as much as they do it for you and for themselves. They truly want to make a difference in the lives of people and pets everywhere!

With this current event (conducted annually), all one needs to do is bring in non-perishable food items for people to any (or all) of their three locations during the drive dates. Two Bostons will then match the poundage in pet food and donate it all to Loaves and Fishes. Last year, they donated greater than 8,000 pounds of food. Their goal is to donate even more this year!

Each year Andy and AdreAnne select a new recipient of the donations. In 2013, the Hesed House was the lucky one.

Two Bostons believes in this cause so much that once again they are advertising the particulars on Facebook. They believe that social media is truly the name of the game and they are winners for utilizing all of the popular sites. It keeps them in touch with people from all walks of life. They simply want to improve the lives of people and pets in their little niche of the world!

The Two Bostons team is growing and with it their determination to do the world lots of good. They claim that their customers and supporters are the biggest reason why their mission is so successful. They want you to know that it is an ongoing privilege to serve the public and all of the public’s furry companions!

So stop into any one of their three locations between February 1st and 16th and Share the Love! People and pets in need at Loaves and Fishes will be grateful to receive the contribution directly from Two Bostons and from you, the general public. It feels really good to help others, stop in and find out what Andy and AdreAnne Tesene and their great team already know. It’s that time of year again. What are you going to do about it?

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