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Share My Rescue: a place on FB to share the stories of pets rescued and adopted

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There's a new Facebook page out there called Share My Rescue. It's is a page where families and individuals of adopted and rescued pets can share their images and stories and let the world see what's become of pets after they've found their forever homes.

So often we see social media filled with stories and images of pets that are abused. neglected, and discarded and left alone and unwanted. Many people keep up with the journey these animals on shelter and rescue pages during their journey. And while many shelters and rescues post and update when these animals have been adopted, we so often lose track of them once they've gone on to their forever homes. They become lost to us and we may never know how they have gone on to live out wonderful lives with their new families.

That's why Share My Rescue was started. It's open to all that would like to share images and stories of their rescued or adopted pets and for those who like to read the success stories.

Everyone is encouraged to like the page and not only share their stories but keep up with pets that have gone on to live happy, healthy lives.

Visit Share My Rescue now and start sharing your pet's journey.