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Share best country music videos on Pinterest with Vevo pin button

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert on the set of "Something Bad" video
Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert on the set of "Something Bad" video
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Vevo and Pinterest are making it easy for country music fans to collect and share their favorite music videos. A collaboration between the two popular websites will result in fans having even more freedom in social networking.

MusicRow reported on Wednesday that Vevo and Pinterest are teaming up to give music fans yet another tool to find new music videos. Vevo announced via its website that starting today, there will be a “pin it” button next to all of its videos on and on their iOS apps. Users can now choose Pinterest from the list when they click the “share” networking icon below their favorite video.

Since so many country music artists have their official music videos on Vevo, this change will surely be a lot of fun for fans. Whether fans simply want to collect every new video by their favorite artist or share videos based on certain criteria, the possibilities are endless with Pinterest.

Country music fans could create Pinterest boards for each individual country artist such as Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood or Lady Antebellum, or they could create separate boards for official music videos and videos that feature interviews.

Pinterest boards can also be formed based on certain criteria and that criteria can be as vast and different as Pinterest users themselves. For instance, girls could create a Pinterest board entirely dedicated to country stars’ cool boots or fashions, or they could make a board for their favorite male stars. Music lovers can have a boards that showcase love songs, great party songs or songs that touch their hearts in some way. Fans can share videos that inspire them, make them laugh, or get their feet tapping.

Aspiring musicians or filmmakers could collect country videos that include elements they’d like to remember fo their own “someday” videos. Party planners can collect songs they might consider for their special event. Students writing essays about country artists might find a Pinterest board an easy way to manage videos that they want to review.

There truly is no limit to ways to organize favorite country music videos and now, the new partnership between Pinterest and Vevo allows fans to share the best videos with friends as well.

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