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Shaquille O'Neal bullying disabled fan with Instagram selfie? - now he hides!

Shaquille O'Neal accused of bullying disabled fan after Instagram selfie – Why hiding and no apology?
photo credit - Instagram

Sometimes being big can also mean that you can make a bigger ass of oneself and that certainly applies to NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. The 7ft 1in four-time NBA champion is being accused of bullying a disabled fan after Shaq posted an Instagram selfie mocking the disabled man’s selfie, according to the Daily Mail. To say that the act was despicable and in extremely poor taste is only the half of it.

The disabled fan is Jahmel Binion, 23, who has rare ectodermal dysplasia which is a serious condition which affects Binion’s teeth, hair, skin and even his sweat glands. The former basketball player mocks him and his photo in the Instagram which he has no taken down, reported the Daily Mail.

One of the central questions that detractors of Shaq’s bullying tactic is what in the world was he seriously thinking, when he decided to make fun of a fan who held him up in such high esteem? One important point that this action on Shaq’s part which is clear is that you certainly do not need to have a lot of commonsense to lay the game if that type of sensitivity is what O’Neal possesses.

Maybe there is something in the water in Los Angeles, because, while Shaq, a former NBA is taking his well deserved lumps, the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was banning another basketball legend, Donald Sterling, owner of the Clippers. Sterling was banned for his horrendous racial comments that were taped by his former girlfriend.

Even though the NBA big man took his mocking selfie down, it was far too late to prevent his estimated half a million followers on Instagram and nearly eight and a half million Twitters followers from finding out about his reprehensible conduct.

While Shaq is still hiding from his comments, Binion is being the bigger man and turning what could have been humiliating attacks of his selfie into a social media campaign on Facebook to combat bullying. The new campaign is called “Hug Don’t Judge.”

So far the new page has close to 6,000 likes and is growing daily. Maybe Shaq should follow Binion’s lead and make an effort to take a stand against bullying by joining in and put his money where his loose lips are in helping the new effort!


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