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Shape magazine refuses to use bikini photo after woman's weight loss

Brooke Birmingham's weight-loss after photo rejected
Brooke Birmingham's weight-loss after photo rejected

A woman who is chronicling her weight-loss success is getting tons of supportive comments as of Wednesday, after a popular health magazine rejected her "after" photo.

Brooke Birmingham

Brooke Birmingham from Illinois, was proud of her hard work to lose 170 pounds. Shape magazine was proud off her too and wanted to show her off, but just not show off ALL of her.

The 28-year-old blogger chronicled her weight-loss on her blog Brooke: Not On a Diet, and it caught the attention of Shape magazine. They wanted to feature her in their Success Stories series.

But when it came time to share her "after" photo it was rejected by the writer handling her feature. Brooke was told to submit a different photo, one of herself covered up in a tee because it was "policy." But Shape's Success Stories have plenty of people not covered up in their "after" photo.

Brooke was offended, but the writer insisted that it was Shape's "editorial to be fully clothed." Brooke decided not to share her photos or story with Shape.

"If I couldn't have the picture of me in my bikini to go along with my story, then it wasn't MY story," she wrote on her blog (which is down due to increased traffic). "The story I wanted to tell and shout out to the world, not their ideal story. So, if I couldn't tell it my way, then they weren't going to be able to tell it at all."

However, Shape magazine insists that what happened with Brooke was a "misunderstanding."

Shape tells E! News, "This is a result of a misunderstanding with a freelance writer. This does not represent Shape's editorial values and the comments made about Shape's 'editorial policy' are absolutely untrue. Shape prides itself on empowering and celebrating women like Brooke, and any indication that we would not run the piece with the photo provided was wrong, as we would have been proud to share her inspirational story.​"

Birmingham wants people to read about her experience with Shape and other tales from her journey to lose 170 pounds.