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Shaolin Martial Arts at the Olympics

32 Generation Warrior Monk Yuan Zhen Wu
32 Generation Warrior Monk Yuan Zhen Wu

The Shaolin Martial Arts Academy of Richmond British Columbia will be a part of the 2010 Olympic Celebrations with a performance by Shaolin Warrior Monk Yuan Zhen Wu and his students Feb 13th 2010 at the Surrey Olympic Celebration Site, Holland Park, Surrey, BC Canada.

Master Yuan Zhen Wu is a real 32nd generation monk from Shaolin Temple. Master Yuan is also recognized as a Level-Nine National Martial Arts Master, Top-Tier International Martial Arts Coach, and Top-Tier National Wushu Referee. He has received the "World's Top 100 Outstanding Martial Arts Professional Award" and is a Lifelong Honorary Technical Advisor to the Chinese National Wushu Association. He is even an Advisor to the Canadian Film Institute and has worked on over 14 movies including Kung Fu Panda as the Action/Animation Model for all of the Animal Fist/Kung Fu movements and recently directed the action for the more than 1000 Shaolin Monks in the upcoming new Shaolin Temple movie with Jackie Chan.
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The festivities start at noon this Saturday with a Chinese Celebration Parade of Performers followed by Lion Dancers at 1 and finally the performance by Shaolin Martial Arts Academy around 2. The event is free but parking is limited so consider the bus or Skytrain (Surrey Central and King George Stations)

Don’t miss out on your chance to meet one of the true martial arts gems of the Pacific Northwest and take in what promises to be the one of the best martial arts performances of the year.