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Shantar Islands National Park - Russia goes green

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A new Protected Area has been created in the Russian Far East—the Shantar Islands National Park— which will permanently protect over 1.2 million acres of unique marine and terrestrial habitat, according to Guido Rahr of Wild Salmon Center (WSC).

The Shantar Islands host a diverse range of plant and animal species such as pink and chum salmon, rainbow trout, and a variety of mammals including grey and bowhead whales, bearded seals, brown bears, caribou, red fox, sable, and river otters.

Additionally, over 240 species of birds live on or migrate through the Shantars, many of which are endangered—including the Blakiston's fish owl, osprey, Steller's sea eagle and the Siberian Grouse.

“This is a significant milestone for WSC’s conservation work in Russia, and we could not have done it without you, our supporters and activists,” states Rahr.

Moving forward, Wild Salmon Center and its partners will help oversee the management of Shantar Islands National Park and will work to promote eco-tourism and stewardship opportunities that benefit local communities and wildlife alike.

Learn more by visiting WSC's Shantar Islands page.


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