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Casting Director Shannon Powers is fighting mad at Chase Bank for ban on cash

Reality TV casting director Shannon Powers fighting Chase Bank to accept cash deposits
Reality TV casting director Shannon Powers fighting Chase Bank to accept cash deposits
Photo of Shannon Powers by James Gurrie Photography

Whoever heard of a bank not accepting legitimate cash? On Friday, June 6, Los Angeles reality TV casting director Shannon Powers entered Chase Bank to make a routine transaction. Like many American citizens are experiencing, as recently reported by Orlando, FL’s WFTV’s Action 9, Ms. Powers' tendered cash deposit was denied and rudely turned away. The luminous reality show casting director and producer, best known for her work on Supernanny, America's Got Talent and MTV’s The Real World, got a dose of her own medicine. Ms. Powers could not believe the "absurdity" when her small cash deposit of $200 was not accepted by Chase Bank.

"Chase Bank refusing my money for a deposit was definitely surreal and preposterous. I thought I was being Punked by Ashton Kutcher and I actually started looking around for the reality TV show crew. It really seemed like the perfect setup for a Candid Camera episode—something as a casting director and producer we engage in all of the time to get reactions from our cast members," admitted Powers.

Shannon Powers was in for a very rude awakening. She was sending money to her parents in Texas, simply by dropping $200 U.S. dollars into her father's checking account--a quick transaction she has done many times before. This time, Powers was made aware that Chase Bank has enacted a new policy to supposedly crack down on money laundering. Therefore, they do not accept any cash deposits, unless you have an open and active account with them.

"I live in the United States of America and my cash is hard earned money. I was only depositing $200 to my father's account--hardly money laundering" states Shannon Powers. "I did ask to speak with the branch manager to see if they could make an exception and the teller coldly informed me that I was speaking with the branch manager and she briskly walked away after I declined opening up a new checking account with them. It was embarrassing, insulting and ridiculous. I am not willing or interested in opening up a Chase Bank checking account, so I had to go home and get my checkbook and drive all the way back over to the branch."

Chase Bank has been enacting the new policy nationwide. The company's public relations response is as such:

"We are actively talking to our customers about a recent change in our cash deposit policy to safeguard customers and our business. To make a cash deposit into a consumer account, customers must provide ID and be an account owner or an authorized signer on the account. Customers with Chase personal accounts have several alternatives to cash deposits: Personal checks, cashiers checks, and money orders; Chase QuickPay; Adding an authorized user to the account."

After hearing such a corporate policy, people must be wondering, how is this fair to consumers?

"My feeling is that a federally insured bank's refusal to accept cash, should be made illegal and seriously outlawed," stated the reality TV casting director Shannon Powers. "My cash money is still tender in this country. We are not a cashless society yet. I believe that Chase is just looking for ways to obtain more customers by forcing people to open accounts. This is the worst form of marketing I have ever seen. I do not think they have any cares about money laundering. That is the government's concern. Many people do not think twice about this form of corporate manipulation, but I find this to be deplorable corporate greed and control. Something is wrong with our country and society where banks are allowed to turn away real money in favor of checks and money orders. The problem also is that most consumers just accept it even though they inherently know it is not right. Shame on Chase Bank!"

Shannon Powers is very determined to fight this new bank policy head on. She claims the incident has moved her to swiftly take serious action. She is going to use her Hollywood casting director muscle, production skills, and contacts to produce an investigative documentary reality TV series to fight back against corporate greed like Chase Bank's alleged manipulative and unethical disregard for customers as well as expose the ill-respect they have for the United States treasury. Cold, hard American cash is backed by the U.S. Federal Reserve and serves as legal tender for all debts, public and private. Any bank's denial of U.S. Federal Reserve Notes should perhaps be grounds for treason.

"It is obvious that Chase Bank does not wish to acknowledge the saying found on our money: "In God We Trust." They much prefer to live by some other guidelines or philosophy," adds Shannon Powers. "I say it again, shame on Chase Bank!"

Ms. Powers is very interested in learning about other companies making up ridiculous policies. Her proposed TV show will help consumers take a stand against the corporate machine and bring back the old business motto that the customer is always right. Well, almost always.

Do you know of any companies doing business with ridiculous policies that make no sense? Sound off in the comments section below if you are willing to stand with Ms. Shannon Powers.

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