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Shannon Beador bans mobile phones due to safety? ‘RHOC’ star’s kid without cell

Shannon Beador bans mobile phones
Shannon Beador bans mobile phones
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Shannon Beador revealed a new type of parenting when she started on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” The eco-friendly housewife is eager to share her lifestyle without the use of chemicals, toxins and cell phones. If the idea of a youngster not getting a cell phone is surprising, then viewers who meet Shannon Beador might have an eye raising experience. According to Reality Tea on Wednesday, the reality star is not allowing her child to have a cell phone and it is in part because of radiation.

Viewers who took time to read Beador's Bravo blog recognized the mother gets a lot of heat over her decision to only have home phones for the kids to use. She shared that she is concerned over unanswered questions regarding the safety of cell phone use and the radiation it might give off. There are studies currently in progress, but the scientific community doesn't know for sure and the reality star isn't taking any chances.

The introduction to Shannon Beador and her family on the popular Bravo reality show might have fans a bit stunned at how different she lives too. Following her values of being environmentally friendly to a very strict standard, the fans got to see how products purchased are scrutinized before they are used. And then how all her green living relates to her family.

The result? Well, watching “The Real Housewives of Orange Country” shares a very different contrast to other stars who are part of the show. Perhaps it is a chance to highlight someone who cares about the environment. Or maybe she is too extreme. Either way, fans are looking into the reality star very carefully and checking out how she has lived in the past, before the show.

Which brings people back to her 12-year-old child not having a cell phone currently (or anytime in the future.) The family can use the phone in the home, but it seems that Shannon Beador is pretty set on her decision for the kids. And as viewers saw on the show, it seems that the decision hasn't hurt the kids one bit.