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Shannie Girl Shawl collection for brides

It's the end of February but we still have some cool days and nights ahead of us. For brides who love this time of the year to tie the knot it is a must to have a stylish wrap or cape on hand to stay warm in between outside pre/post ceremony pictures taken outside, and the candid farewell shots with you and your husband running to your escape vehicle.

Tiffany Fur
Shannie Girl
Shannie Girl
Shannie Girl

Brides on a modest budget will love Shannie Girl Wraps. These wraps are stylish, comfortable, versatile, and they come in various styles and colors. We recommend the following 3 shawl/capes as the perfect accessory for the blushing bride and will add another layer of beauty to wedding pictures:

1. Tiffany Fur Cape - This exceptionally soft, exquisite cape boasts large fur pom-poms and a clasp hook that closes the rabbit-fur collar. This fur cape will transform any casual outfit into a one-of-a-kind ensemble.

Sophia Cape - This super-soft knitted ruana wrap with ruffles along the outside edge is the perfect throw-on-and-go accessory.

3. Marilyn Shawl - Voluminous and dramatic, this garment provides warmth and flare. Ruffles flow freely down the front, making this wrap the perfect stylish accessory.

Each of Shannie Girl’s unique women’s capes, shawls, wraps are made with fabrics that have undergone a special process that makes them as soft as cashmere and are durable and resistant to fraying and raveling.

Check out Shannie Girl's website for the entire collection, colors and testimonials from customers who gave rave reviews over the quality and easy care of the wraps. We are excited to announce that Shannie Girl and SNOBB have teamed up to give away a Signature Wrap to end the month long "Love Month" giveaway. Click here for your chance to enter and win!