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Shania Twain will guest judge for American Idol

Shania Twain will fill in for Paula Abdul on American Idol/AP Photo

Fans of American Idol should know that Paula Abdul stepped down from her role as judge on the show earlier this month. Since her departure Idol has had various musical celebrities filling her empty chair, as guest judges as auditions go on without Abdul.

This weekend country fans trying to become the next American Idol may get excited to see Shania Twain sitting next to Randy, Simon and Kara in Chicago two days after her August 28 birthday. Maybe some belated birthday wishing may put hopefuls in her good graces? It’s something to think about when trying to stand out amongst hundreds of auditions.

Twain is the top selling female artist in history with album sales of over 41 million in the U.S. few can argue that she’s not qualified for the position of offering critique to amateur singers and musicians.

American Idol has found some great country stars in the past, maybe Twain will help uncover the next big country superstar.