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Shani Rose ready for Witzend gig

Shani Rose continues to develop even more new skills as a musician. Her musical enthusiasm is contagious, and she will be sharing her terrific talents and upbeat attitude at the Witzend in Venice on Thursday, April 10 at 9 p.m. In this interview, Shani shares her thoughts and excitement about the gig and new musical developments as well.

Shani Rose rocks
Courtesy of Shani

W.E. What are you most excited about regarding your upcoming Thursday, April 10 Witzend show in Venice?

Shani: I've done a lot of growing in the past five months as a person and a musician, and have had the pleasure of starting to co-write with some incredible songwriters. These elements have re-inspired me, and have taught me that being open to exploring music with others is not only very rewarding musically, but is just plain fun! I know I'd rather jam with friends than sit in my room alone and play to the walls:)

It's been a while since I've done a full band show, and I'm looking forward to rocking out with incredible musicians, in one of my favorite L.A. venues. I'm excited to make people dance on Thursday!

W.E. Any surprises, covers or new songs planned for the show?

Shani: Yes! Definitely a few new songs that have never been played before with the band; I think they'll bring an added spark of magic to the set:) Some new instruments might make their appearance in the set as well...we'll see!

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