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Shani Davis takes blame in Olympic speedskating loss; thanks fans for support

Shani Davis takes blame in Olympic speedskating loss
Shani Davis takes blame in Olympic speedskating loss
Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Shani Davis missed his chance at Olympic gold on Saturday and the speedskater has got to feel awful about the moment. While fans are disappointed too, they are rallying around the Olympic athlete who shared his thoughts about his performance. As most have heard, the Team USA speedskating has been questioning if the losses have come from the new suits. Apparently Shani isn't going to be blaming anyone for his loss.

“I cast no blame & put all responsibility where it lays: on me, as always. Couldn't have felt better before 1000, or lower than right now,” tweeted Shani David from his official Twitter account. The athlete made no excuses and gave the fans the ultimate props for supporting. “THANK YOU to everyone who's been supporting me, at these Games and for past 4 years.”

The response of Olympic fans following Shani’s official statement have been nothing less than supportive. Fans hate seeing the Olympic athlete discouraged at the loss. At the same time viewers are looking for answers of what might have happened. Being the loss is still fresh, a few days of rest and perhaps some relaxation might help the USA speedskating community regroup and refocus. And it would be nice if the speedskater suit controversy would just die as it is quite ridiculous.

Shani Davis has shown true Olympic spirit by accepting his loss and thanking everyone. It exactly what fans expect to be done as there is no need to blame anyone. Plus Americans will always support Shani Davis, even after a tough loss.