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Shaneen Allen faces felony gun charges for ‘honest mistake’

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Shaneen Allen could spend the next three years in prison because of a felony gun charge. Fox News reports on Wednesday that the Philadelphia mother drove to New Jersey with a gun in her car. Her lawyer has called this an honest mistake because she did not know her legal permit could not be transferred to another state.

Allen was pulled over by police while driving and admitted to having a gun in her vehicle, but she pointed out that she also had a permit. However, her permit from Philadelphia was not considered legal in New Jersey. Her lawyer has tried to explain she made a mistake as a new gun owner and was not aware of the law.

The Philadelphia mother allegedly bought the gun because of previous robberies and concerns about safety. Now, she faces the possibility of spending at least three years in jail without parole. Her lawyer has tried to emphasize her role as a single mother who is supporting two small children. The 27-year-old’s family would be devastated if she was sent to prison.

Allen has tried to avoid a jail sentence by applying for a diversionary program in New Jersey, but her request has been denied. The programs are designed to give people an alternative to prison, and the 27-year-old fits the requirement of not having previous convictions. It is not clear if she has other options she can pursue after this denial.

The mother has been labeled as an honest worker by her supporters while her critics have called her less pleasant names. Her supporters blame her honesty for revealing she had a weapon in her vehicle and have attacked the strict rules in the state. Allen has admitted this mistake may have jeopardized her entire future with her children and her freedom.