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Shane Miller: Fugitive found dead after profiled on 'The Hunt with John Walsh'

Like "America's Most Wanted" before it, "The Hunt with John Walsh" is proving to be an effective tool in ridding the U. S. of some of the country's more incorrigible criminals. In the space of a couple of weeks, two men profiled on the show have met with what many would call justice. The first, a convicted sex offender, as a result of his sudden loss of anonymity. The latest, Shane Miller, may have met his fate some time ago, because tests on his remains are pending. But Miller has been the prime suspect in the killing of his wife and two small daughters since early May 2013, CNN reported Aug. 3.

Human remains were reportedly found Friday on the banks of the Mattole River near Petrolia, Calif., not too distant from where police found Shane Miller's truck last year. In fact, the remains were approximately 1,500 feet from where authorities had recovered said truck. Humboldt County Sheriff's Office stated that they found a handgun and loaded magazines of ammunition. The ammunition was consistent with rounds found in Miller's truck and at the scene of the killings.

It was unclear how long the remains had been at the location. The remains were identified through dental records.

Shane Miller had been profiled on the very first episode of "The Hunt with John Walsh" on July 13.

Police received a 911 call on May 7, 2013, from the Miller household, where the sounds of breathing and crying could be heard. There followed loud bangs and then the line went dead. When police arrived at the home, they found the bodies of Miller's wife, Sandy Miller, and the couple's two daughters -- Shelby, 8, and Shasta, 5 -- dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Shane Miller quickly became the lead suspect. He ditched his truck and authorities had thought he fled on foot into the mountainous forests of California's "Lost Coast."

His prolonged avoidance of law enforcement led to the U. S. Marshal Service placing him on their 15 Most Wanted list in late July.

Miller went missing not long after becoming the prime suspect in the deaths of his family. At the same time, his truck and the family dog disappeared. Not long after that, he was spotted by an ex-girlfriend in Petrolia. The manhunt was on and authorities thought that the man had ditched his vehicle somewhere in the area.

Five days prior to Miller's remains being found, wanted sex offender Charles Mozdir died in a shootout with New York City police. The case had been cold since 2012, but a tip made during the second episode of "The Hunt with John Walsh," which aired on July 20, led police to Mozdir. Two U. S. Marshals were wounded during the shootout.

Walsh said of the shootout with Mozdir: "This is our first capture. I'm very sorry that those police officers got wounded in the line of duty, but this is one more lowlife that's off the streets."

John Walsh hosted the long-lived (23 years) criminal profiling series "America's Most Wanted" on Fox Television and for one more season on Lifetime Network.

"The Hunt with John Walsh" airs on CNN on Sundays at 9 p.m. (EST).

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