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Shane Douglas 'Classic Wrestling Federation' based in Las Vegas in the works

Shane Douglas Classic Wrestling Federation plans
Shane Douglas Classic Wrestling Federation plans

A new Shane Douglas pro wrestling promotion is possibly on the rise based in Las Vegas, in a partnership with a Las Vegas casino. According to on March 26, Douglas and Cody Michaels have sent out letters of intent to wrestlers around the country to gain interest for working for their promotion, tentatively called The Classic Wrestling Federation.

This makes two new professional wrestling promotions in the works, alongside the new rumored Jeff Jarrett wrestling promotion.

According to the letter of intent sent out to wrestlers, there will be as many as six wrestling events ran each week with the eventual goal of producing about 36-44 hours of television episodes. The idea is to produce a more old-school wrestling promotion, namedropping Bruno Sammartino, George Steel, and more.

Shane Douglas and Cody Michaels have been making numerous public appearances recently in support of "Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies," a new movie that will receive its DVD distribution from Troma Entertainment. Douglas is also very well known in wrestling as the man who helped launch Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) many years ago.

Possibly the most interesting thing about The Classic Wrestling Federation is their business model. They are promising higher pay than normal independents, health insurance, a 401k retirement plan, and profit sharing. They are also promising pension payments for retiring wrestlers.