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Shane Carwin seeks support for a young fighter

Mixed Martial Arts competitors get a lot of flack from certain segments of the martial arts community. They are called "thugs", accused of having "no technique" or just being "strong" (as though strength was somehow a bad quality), and often said to embody none of the virtues that martial arts supposedly inculcate.

While some MMA fighters do live up to the stereotype, many more rise above it. Shane Carwin, the current UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion, has shown himself to be a classy individual in and out of the ring on several occasions.

Most recently, Shane Posted on a thread on the Underground Forum, where he asked members for donations to help raise money for three-year old cancer survivor Katelyn Brand. He's also donated $1500, is auctioning off memorabilia of his own, and has offered to give away prizes to those who donate.

Kirik Jenness, President of Mixed Martial Arts LLC, also offered up a free pair of shorts to the first person to donate more than $100.

Regardless of the nature of the martial art you practice (or if you practice no martial art at all), Carwin is recruiting for a worthy cause. Unfortunately for Boston-based Carwin fans, the fundraising event itself is in Colorado, but you can still donate through his website.


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