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'Shameless’ season finale shocks; resurrected character seen after credits

The Shameless season finale is really shocking the fans on Sunday night. There has been an incredible development with one character who everyone thought was dead. The resurrection is seen in the cliffhanger seen after the credits rolled before the final seconds of the show ended. According to Buzzfeed on Sunday, the character Steve Wilton a.k.a Jimmy Lishman (played by Justin Chatwin) isn't really dead even after being eliminated on the previous season.

On season three it was assumed that Justin Chatwin’s character was murdered off-screen by Brazilian mobsters. Well, we should have insisted on seeing the dead body as everyone acknowledged being duped after Sunday’s twisted surprise. Apparently the guy isn't dead at all. The spoiler at the very end of the episode revealed that the character is in fact alive and back in Chicago.

Most fans didn't even catch this last minute moment either as it was after the credits, but before the show was finished with the time slot. Leaving some fans completely surprised at the ending. In fact some of the show’s actors were left in the dark about the story line too and didn't know until fans pointed out the twist on social media.

Season five of Shameless has already started counting down. The new drama of this story line has attracted the attention of the fans and they can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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