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'Shameless' season 4 premiere spoilers: Fiona's new love, 2 babies on the way

"Shameless" the Gallagher family's new season starts Sunday, Jan. 12. Season 4 brings many changes for the family.
"Shameless" the Gallagher family's new season starts Sunday, Jan. 12. Season 4 brings many changes for the family.

Shameless” returns tonight to Showtime for season 4, bringing you all new episodes spotlighting the antics of the Gallagher family. The family is somewhat scattered with Lip off at college and Ian, who shipped out with the U.S. Army, not around when the show’s opener hits TV tonight, Sunday Jan. 12.

According to Lost Remote, for those of you missing Ian, Showtime is inviting fans to follow Private Gallagher on Tumbler. As far as Lip goes, he is not finding college the most welcoming place he’s ever graced.

Reveals in the “Shameless” season 4 premiere tonight:

* Lip is around a bunch of really smart kids who don’t find his street charms appealing. Will he make it past the first semester?

*Veronica is pregnant. After Kevin getting her mother pregnant, now Veronica is carrying their baby. Kevin is thrilled to be having two babies, Veronica feels an abortion for her mother is the best way to deal with the situation.

* Kevin's been running the bar since the owner took ill. Now the owner has died and Kevin is making funeral arrangements as the show's premiere opens.

*Frank is back, sick and dying in Carl’s bedroom. He can’t get out of bed but has sent Carl to the store for an enema bag so he can get alcohol into his system. He can’t drink it because his throat starts to immediately bleed. He's back home in time to give Carl some fatherly advice on masturbation.

*Shelia has all but moved into the Gallagher household, she shows up every morning and stays until dinner time cleaning and cooking for these wayward kids. They walk around and over her like she is a piece of furniture.

*Debbie has made the most drastic of changes. The once sweet and honest kid is now donned in promiscuous clothing and stiletto heels. She is selling her virginity for $1 million on the Internet and chasing boys with her new slutty friend.

*Jimmy is still missing, Fiona has not heard from him since last season.

*Fiona is dating her boss, she has met his family and they are just a regular nice group of people. She went to a tailgating party with her boyfriend and his family and got a look at normal family life. She waited a long time to sleep with this one and when she finally did in the season opener, he’s already talking leaving some of her stuff at his place.

If you are lucky enough to be a Comcast Xfinity customer, you don’t have to wait for Showtime’s “Shameless” season 7 premiere tonight. It is already on Xfinity “On-Demand.” For the rest of the “Shameless” fans, the show premieres tonight at 9pm. ET, according to Showtime’s website.

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