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'Shameless' season 4: Fiona's crude sex with boyfriend's brother continues

Shameless season 4:  Fiona is having wild sex with her boyfriend's brother and Frank is almost at that point with his long lost daughter.
Shameless season 4: Fiona is having wild sex with her boyfriend's brother and Frank is almost at that point with his long lost daughter.
Shameless./ Showtime

Shameless” from the people at Showtime aired the third episode in season 4 Sunday night and Fiona is in the middle of sabotaging a relationship that is probably as close to normal as she’ll ever get. Unlike other shows, “Shameless” will air another new episode on Super Bowl Sunday, opposite the game, reports Variety on Jan. 26. This is a welcome bit of news for fans who are really getting into Fiona having crazy sex with her boyfriend's odd brother.

She was happy with her new boyfriend, or so she thought, until his charismatic older brother entered the picture fresh out of rehab. Fiona has mad animal passion-like sex with the brother on the kitchen counter at her boyfriend’s home, who is passed out drunk in the next room.

While Fiona tells the brother after they’re done that this was a mistake never to be mentioned again, but the previews for next week’s show have Fiona bedding this guy down a couple of times.

You have to admit, the brother is more like Jimmy, the love of her life, than her new boyfriend is. Fiona spending all this time away from home is causing the kids to grow up a little too quickly. Debbie, who is only 13, is sleeping at her 20-year-old boyfriend’s house. They haven’t had sex yet, but only because this guy tells the kid no, when she starts down that road.

Carl is one scary kid and he is doing everything he can to try and keep his father alive. He is looking for a blood match for a liver for his dad. Fiona, who refuses to give Frank any part of her liver has Carl furious at her for this. She won’t get tested for a match, so he takes a used tampon into the liver donor sign-up agency and asks them to test it.

Frank, who has his own idea of getting a piece of someone’s liver that will match, starts stalking his long-lost daughter that the rest of the Gallagher kids knew nothing about.

He’s trying to get close to her as a friend so she’ll offer, but she’s got designs on bringing him to bed. Her advancements on Frank are getting a bit over the edge, so he may have to tell her soon that he is her long-lost father. She does match his blood type, so Frank is reeling her in.

Frank has a grandson, this poor kid is a chubby one and picked on and his dumb mother doesn’t see it. She pushes him and pushes him, you can almost see a serial killer in the making with all that pent-up rage.

Lip was a big fish as far as intellect goes in his small pond of a high school. Now he is a little fish with average intelligence in the big pond of his college campus. He is having one hard time keeping up and he is about to explode.

Veronica is carrying triplets and her mother is also carrying Kevin’s baby, so the couple will soon have four babies to contend with. They have inherited the bar and the two of them are pinching pennies trying to make ends meet. They have even installed pay toilets to recoup money. V sets out selling all her prescription drugs she collected from her patients all these years. Carl stole some of V’s drugs for Frank, but he finished the Percocet and has Carl looking for more drugs for him.

Fiona is seen having sex with her boyfriend’s brother at his house when her boyfriend shows up in the previews for next week. She crawls under the table to hide, so you can expect a steamy hook-up between Fiona and her boyfriend’s brother again.

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