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Shame, blame and fame on - August 16

Shame, blame and fame
Shame, blame and fame
Stan Transue

Politics is a topic in which literally everyone is dim-witted, evil or false in someone’s eyes. One thing is sure; the only qualifier to join the fray is an opinion and an alimentary canal to express it. provides a ready forum for those so qualified. But obtaining the appearance of a journalist or commentator is no guarantee of quality, accuracy or responsibility. Shame, blame and fame on highlights those deserving extra attention as being despicable, sly or conscientious when such exposure is due.

Shame and Blame –

Earning shame and blame is Maryann Tobin – National Political Spin Examiner, for a tiresome piece of Leftist propaganda called ”GOP says yes to deficit spending with extension of Bush Tax cuts.”

In what can only be categorized as a diatribe, she misapplies the term hypocrisy to Republicans who seek to extend the Bush Tax cuts. The GOP rationale is to prevent additional strain on an already crippled economy by continuing current tax relief measures during a time when cutting spending and taxes is the only sane approach. Meanwhile, Democrats cannot bring themselves to cut spending, but instead continue blithely adding to what will likely be at least a $1.5 trillion deficit for 2010 alone.

By trying to make the GOP the bad guys in this debate, Ms. Tobin apparently expects readers to join her in suspending reason. In her fantasy, Republicans are the bad guys for demanding that the Democrat-controlled Congress practice the same degree of fiscal restraint that their policies have already imposed on millions of destitute Americans.

Tobin writes: "The Bush tax cuts are a form of tickle-down economics. It did not work in the past and it is not going to work now. The idea of giving rich people more - in hopes that they will leave some crumbs behind for everyone else is ludicrous. Rich people stay rich because they keep their money."

In this diatribe Tobin exposes her utter contempt for her audience. She writes as if they will take her assertions at face value, rather than applying the normal rational skepticism appropriate to the subject. She makes false statements about demonstrable economic processes. She asserts that allowing people to keep what they have honestly earned is the same as giving them a gift. She attempts to hide the economic benefits of private wealth in a free market. Implied is the virtue of transferring private property to governments’ hands and a centrally controlled economy – a strategy repeatedly proven to render only economic calamity and political oppression.

Tobin claims that “trickle-down economics “...did not work in the past and it is not going to work now.” As an advocate of bogus Leftist economics, this is the only approach she can take. What she ignores is that the term “trickle-down economics” is simply a handy label for a proven economic process. The private concentration of wealth is an absolute requisite for every positive economic event. Without investment capital, no inventions get financed; no manufacturing, marketing, distribution, retailing or buying happens. And of course, none of the many jobs necessary to carry out all these functions are created either!

All economic activity is based on the concentration and intelligent investment of wealth. Under Capitalism, wealth accrues to the hands best suited to use it productively, resulting in more economic growth which benefits the entire economic strata. In a Constitutional Republic, the security of property rights ensures that each person’s power to better themselves benefits them in proportion to their abilities and effort – thereby creating a collateral benefit for countless others.

Tobin calls the extension of the Bush Tax cuts " rich people more...” Again, when a Leftist thinks of money taken by force under color of law, they try to frame is as people voluntarily giving the state its due. Of course for any rational person (for example, someone smart enough to know how to actually create wealth) it is simply an officious manner of theft. When we examine Maryann’s rationale under the light of reason, we see that according to her, not being mugged is the same as getting a raise at work.

Maryann further insults her readers’ intelligence saying: “Selling tax cuts to the middle class in a starving economy is easy. All you have to do is make the people who are hurting most believe that they will somehow reap some benefit from them.” Ironically, while trying to brand the GOP as manipulating people’s suffering for political gain, Tobin describes both the hypocrisy and the surreal logic behind the most common tactics of the Left: The manipulation of envy, greed and laziness as means to amass unwarranted political power and unearned wealth into the hands of a parasitic oligarchy.

Her brand of compassion has already been tried in places too infamous to name; all with predictable results – poverty, disease, starvation and totalitarianism devolving into social chaos and economic collapse; with a healthy dose of genocide as a blatant warning to history.

Maryann Tobin earns shame for capricious misrepresentations and brazen propagandizing for Marxists. She deserves blame for anyone she may influence to contribute to our nation’s momentum toward the abyss of fallen Marxist regimes.

Fame –

Displaying talent deserving of fame, David Thornton, Atlanta Conservative Examiner practices true journalism in his article; “Is Obama Muslim.” He impartially frames a question that seems important to some. He provides answers to that question using verifiable sources and a notable lack of hyperbole and misrepresentation. Thornton deftly reveals that the question is just one of many a distractions that keep us from holding the Obama regime accountable in critical areas of policy. He demonstrates judicious use of the power of the fourth estate by dispelling error, clarifying debate and encouraging readers to focus on issues critical to us all.

Bravo David.

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Tobin is a tool!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I was thinking the other day to start an EXAMINER examiner column. Your column beat me to it. So many of these Examiners are just too stupid to think.

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