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Shame and Fame on August 18

Shame and Fame on
Shame and Fame on
Stan Transue

Politics is a topic in which literally everyone is idiotic, wicked or culpable in someone’s eyes. One thing is sure; anyone possessing an alimentary canal and the willingness to talk from either end of it is qualified to join the fray. provides a ready forum for those so qualified. But obtaining the facade of a journalist or commentator is no guarantee of quality, accuracy or responsibility. Shame and fame on highlights those deserving extra attention as being either contemptible or conscientious when such exposure is due.

Shame –

Oozing from Glenn Wright’s misanthropy this week, the National Political Buzz Examiner inflicted upon us one of his typical incoherent diatribes against America. His article, Obama defends US Constitution from Republican bigotry, implies that anyone who objects to the Ground Zero Mosque is a not only stupid, but evil too. He declares that our attempts to thwart unchecked international terrorism carried out in the name of Allah are “...terribly racist policies...” born of “...religious bigotry...” and promoted by “...Republicans and other conservative zealots.”

Since his claim is completely bogus he offers no proof. But attempting to demonstrate what Wright calls the “...fear-mongering bigotry revealed in conservative rhetoric...” he quotes Sarah Palin, “...who remarked that the proposed mosque "stabs hearts," urging that "peace-loving Muslims’ should reject the building of the mosque in order to aid ‘healing.”

On top of failing to demonstrate his point, this quote reveals how desperate Wright is to bolster his own prejudice. Rather than a message of “...fear-mongering bigotry...” it’s an honest plea for reasonable sensitivity towards the still-tender wounds inflicted upon the American psyche which will forever be linked to Islam.

Both the tone and language of Palin’s statement demonstrates that rational opposition to the Ground Zero mosque need not be construed as bigotry at all, but instead as a reasonable insistence that the American Muslim community demonstrate its avowed compassion, with appropriate sensitivity, respect and decorum. In other words, those who have truly been wronged, expect those associated with that injury to demonstrate tangible signs of their desire to coexist on mutually agreeable terms with members of other faiths.

Muslim Canadian Congress “ urging the Cordoba House Initiative to abandon its proposed Ground-Zero Mosque in New York in the face of outrage expressed by large segments of the American population calling the proposal an act of 'fitna' or mischief.” Would Glenn Wright have us believe that they too are influenced by Republican racism and religious bigotry? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Mr. Wright says that Thomas Jefferson “ the Koran, taught himself Arabic, and instituted the Ramadan celebration” at the white House. We are to assume that this snippet of Jefferson’s history confers validation on Wright’s tirade. But what Glenn fails to mention is that Jefferson was also the first American President to deal ruthlessly and effectively with religiously-justified Muslim terrorism.

According to Christopher Hitchens’ article in Slate; Jefferson's Quran—What the founder really thought about Islam,  the President responsible for crushing Jihadists of his time in the Barbary Wars, understood well what most modern Americans also know about Islam: that it is an expansionistic, bloodthirsty political ideology that is fixated on global dominance and rationalizes wonton barbarism with thinly veiled quasi-religious piety.

Since the 11th century, Barbary pirates routinely raided merchant ships passing through the Straits of Gibraltar, sacked defenseless coastal villages throughout the Mediterranean and as far north as Iceland. These Muslim terrorists enslaved over one million people and destroyed thousands of ships; demanding tribute from all who wished to go unmolested.

In a report to Congress Jefferson recounted a meeting with Tripoli’s envoy to London. Asking the Ambassador “by what right he extorted money and took slaves in this way,” Jefferson said: “The ambassador; Sidi Haji Abdrahaman, answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every [Muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

The irony of Wright’s charges of religious bigotry and racism by Americans against Muslims is revealed by the statement above. Throughout history, the “religion” that has shown the most intolerance, murderous hatred and ruthless subjugation against non-believers as well as its own is Islam – and not as an aberration, but as a centerpiece of scriptural doctrine and political strategy. It is the tacit acquiescence to this reality – not racism or religious bigotry – that compels Americans to reject the Ground Zero Mosque.

Wright attempts to mitigate the deadly expressions of Muslim religious bigotry and racism by heaping fictional charges of the same upon Americans. This gambit is the same worn response employed by Leftist thugs in any debate where their ideological poison is challenged with reason and resolve.

Flailing for any wisp of credibility, Wright grasps for Obama’s simplistic assertion that the question of the Ground Zero Mosque can be reduced to one of religious freedom. For good measure, Wright hurls a final red herring: “...the Republican Party, whose members have recently articulated their hatred of Mexican-American children...also see no reason that Islam and its worshippers should be allowed the same rights as other Americans."

In closing, Wright says, “Such a political party (the GOP) should never again be given any ruling power in the USA.” This bald-faced statement supporting totalitarianism, reveals that Wright's fervor for Islamic religious equality is a mere façade hiding his unmitigated contempt for the American people and our sublime though somewhat cumbersome political process. He’s a wanna-be tyrant, babbling on about how perfect the world would be if only he were king. How sad.

Fame –

Deserving fame is National Gun Rights Examiner, David Codrea, for his article, Harry Reid approves ad attacking 2nd Amendment armed resistance potential.  In it, Codrea dispassionately but emphatically exposes the dishonest tactics employed by the Harry Reid campaign to smear his opponent as “dangerous,” “crazy” and “way too extreme.”

What earns Sharon Angle such hyperbole? Her one-time observation that our arrogant, self-serving, oblivious leadership in Congress must change course to prevent Americans from “...looking towards those Second Amendment remedies." Reid’s ad cunningly implies that Angle is advocating “armed resistance,” when she is simply acknowledging the natural and logical consequences should Congress continue to ignore public demands for redress of grievances.

Codrea’s article then factually addresses the ad’s fallacies. He also brings Angle’s comments into context using quotes from our founding documents and our founders’ own observations that unequivocally validate the “insurrectionist theory” of gun ownership which Angle invoked. Then, adding to his thorough smack-down of Reid’s transparent ruse, Codrea goes on to provide extensive information for readers who wish to learn more about gun rights and the battle to preserve the 2nd Amendment.

Considering what Examiner pays, and the value David Codrea provides his readers, he arguably deserves the esteemed title, Public Servant, with all the heart-felt gratitude and righteousness the title should imbue.

Thanks David.

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