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Shaler shooting: Mother hurts boyfriend in shooting, kills herself after divorce

Shaler shooting a tragedy, mother hurts boyfriend, kills herself
Shaler shooting a tragedy, mother hurts boyfriend, kills herself
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A Shaler shooting that occurred this weekend has left one woman — a mother of four children — her former boyfriend, and a pair of families in despair. The female shooter, recently identified as 43-year-old Sharon Demore of Shaler Township, is reported to have opened fire on her capricious boyfriend before killing herself this Friday after struggling for a long time with a difficult divorce. Triblive News reports this Saturday, June 14, 2014, that the violent incident occurred on the male victim’s porch, and that the ex-boyfriend remains in critical condition.

Although close friends and family of Sharon Demore knew she was going through a hard period after a painful divorce, they never expected something like the Shaler shooting to occur this week. Incoming news reveals that the 43-year-old woman shot and hurt a man she was intimately connected with a number of times before deciding to turn the gun inward, killing herself. Police authorities in the Shaler Township area have confirmed the deadly shooting took place on Louann Avenue at roughly 6:30 a.m. this Friday the 13.

According to an emerging crime report, the suspect was a woman and mother of four children. She had apparently planned the violent attack in advance, having been waiting for her former boyfriend on his porch at the Shaler Township residence that morning. When he stepped out the door to leave for work, DeMore seemingly initiated the shooting, opening fire with her gun and hitting him a few times in the chest, critically injuring the man.

Sources from WPXI News have determined that local investigators looking into this tragic case soon discovered the victim was in fact the estranged boyfriend of the 43-year-old woman. Police offered this public statement on the Shaler shooting over the weekend:

“What it appears, she was waiting for him on a porch outside and he came out the door. He was shot a few times. He’s in critical condition at a local hospital. She is deceased with a single gunshot wound to the head,” said James Morton, Assistant Superintendent of the Allegheny County Police.

No witnesses were said to be present for the event, but neighbors woken up by the loud noises of the weapon being fired said that they heard a minimum of four gunshots, and finally the man calling desperately for help. It is believed that the final bang was Sharon Demore shooting herself and committing suicide. Almost immediately afterwards, neighbors phoned 911 for emergency aid.

“I’m in shock, as well. I just can’t believe that this all happened,” shared one neighbor.

The male victim, who has remained anonymous, is said to be seriously hurt. He was rushed to a local hospital, and his condition is fortunately said to be stable at the moment. While police authorities confirmed that they had never been summoned to the particular apartment home prior to this weekend, they believed that the relationship between the woman and her alienated boyfriend was a “tumultuous” one. Apparently, Demore's recent divorce had really taken a toll on her as well. She was described as "sad" and going through numerous hardships.

“She was just having a lot of hardships since her divorce. She just got very sad,” said DeMore's aunt of Pine.

Now, it is said that the Demore children are just trying to understand how their mother’s depression had gotten so bad that she would attempt murder and go so far as to kill herself. An investigation into the Shaler shooting continues this weekend, while family and friends from both the victim’s and attacker’s families are trying to cope with the sudden loss and grief.

“My prayers go out to the children. It’s always the kids that end up suffering in the end,” one relative said when interviewed.

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