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Shakti Life Kitchen closes one door but opens many

Shakti Life Kitchen bountifully serves all of Jacksonville now!!
Shakti Life Kitchen bountifully serves all of Jacksonville now!!
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Shakti Life Kitchen, a sacred haven devoted to serving Organic, Vegan, Live, and Gluten Free cuisine, closed its doors in Atlantic Beach at the end of 2009.  But, this has opened and expanded their horizons in the wholesale and market venue - bringing this beautiful food directly to our doorways and dinner tables!

According to the website, their foods are inspired by Shakti, the Hindu goddess of power, light and energy. This vitality is alive in all earth foods and it is their mission to nurture this force in all of the preparations. All of their offerings are served fresh and are heated only to 118 degrees. This low temperature preserves every vitamin, mineral, and enzyme their food has to offer.

Now you can find an assortment of desserts, spreads, dips, entrees, crackers, and chips each week at Bio-Max in Atlantic Beach, both locations of Native Sun, at the Health Shoppe on Beach and Kernan and The Grassroots Market at 5 Points. 

See? The life force of Shakti is completely surrounding and embracing us with their abundance and bounty!

You can also find them most weeks at the Beaches Green Market in Neptune Beach from 2-5 p.m. every Saturday.

A wonderful option now is to order a large or small boxed meal of scrumptious goodness each week.  These include meals, sides, chips, desserts and so much more.   Sign up for the newsletter where you can place your order and pick up at the beach European Street Cafe or the one just west of University on Beach Boulevard.  Email your request to 

Speaking of European Street, you can also get many of your favorite Shakti desserts there.  Check out and become a fan of Shakti Life on Facebook and keep up to date on them!

Breathe in life and support this wonderful community - and feel better from it!


  • JC 5 years ago

    Florida VegOut 2010
    A special retreat celebrating ANIMALS, PEOPLE and the EARTH
    March 25 - 28, 2010 - Weekend rates too!
    Food Demos, talks and great vegan food.

  • JC 5 years ago

    Sorry! It's in Jacksonville :)

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