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Shakira performs as “The Voice” reveals its Top 10

Last night, the Top 12 took the stage to prove why they have some of the best voices in the country!

Shakira had a bittersweet night on "The Voice" as she debuted "Empire" while saying goodbye to one of her artists.
Photo property of NBC's Trae Patton

While some rose to the challenge (Josh Kaufman, Tess Boyer and Sisaundra Lewis), others succumbed to the pressure (Delvin Choice). However, one contestant proved that she has an impeccable voice and has the professional stature of a future superstar as she faced a true test----having a microphone go out as she sang the decrescendo of her song (Brava, Kristen Merlin)!

Tonight, who continued their Voice journey? Who rounded out the Bottom Three artists? Who did you save? Read on to find out…

After Team Adam’s less than stellar group performance of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” Josh Kaufman and Kat Perkins learned that they advanced in the competition. The next artists that learned that they were moving on to the second Live Show were Kristen Merlin and Audra McLaughlin.

Shakira took the Voice stage to perform her hit: “Empire.” It featured her signature vocals and rock presence! As she stepped off the stage, the ladies of Team Shakira joined their coach at Roscoe Elementary School in Los Angeles for a service project.

The next two artists that were saved were Delvin Choice (bad decision, America) and Jake Worthington. Once, he was saved…Jake joined Team Blake on stage for a fiery performance of Travis Tritt’s “Put Some Drive In Your Country” that brought the crowd to its feet. The last three that were safe were Bria Kelly, Christina Grimmie and SISAUNDRA LEWIS!

With nine artists saved, this left Team Usher’s T.J. Wilkins and Team Shakira’s Dani Moz and Tess Boyer in danger of being eliminated. Before the brake, Shakira looked pissed and upset that two of her artists were in the bottom.

For his Save Me Song, T.J. Wilkins covered Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be.” The first half was good, until he screeched the remainder of the song. C- Dani Moz tackled Adele’s “Turning Tables” for her Save Me Song. It was pure vocal nirvana and I hoped that America saved her. A- Tess Boyer wrapped up the round with a pitchy “Dark Side.” C

At the end of the night, America saved Team Shakira’s Tess Boyer and the “Hips Don’t Lie” said goodbye to Dani Moz, while Usher said “Goodbye” to T.J. Wilkins.

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