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Shakira donates to UN war relief in D.R. Congo

Shakira and Activia recently donated to the World Food Programme and its school meals plan in the D.R. of the Congo
Barefoot Foundation

The singer Shakira knows how important food is for children, especially those victimized by conflict and poverty. Her own foundation in Colombia provides school meals.

Last week Shakira and Activia donated 3 million school meals to the UN World Food Programme (WFP). The food will be distributed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Nicaragua. In the DRC, this includes school meals for children displaced by ongoing violence in the country.

WFP has been feeding millions of conflict victims in the DRC. However, low funding has forced cuts in programs like school meals. WFP depends entirely on voluntary donations for its missions in over 70 countries. However, the strain of wars in Syria, South Sudan and Central African Republic have stretched humanitarian resources very thin.

In the DRC, the years of violence have left food in short supply. WFP tries to feed children and get them back in class at the same time. In Nicaragua, impoverished families are under pressure to keep children at home to work, rather than go to school. A WFP school meals program is an incentive for children to attend and learn.

The donation comes at the launch of Shakira's new music video 'La La La', which celebrates the World Cup Soccer Tournament. Shakira says, "I wanted to capitalize on the world coming together to also raise awareness and make a contribution towards nourishing kids by supporting WFP's school meals programme, together with Activia."

The video can be viewed at the WFP site.

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