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Shakira and Rihanna has what Broadway doesn't 'Can't Remember to Forget You'

The new music video with a Lesbian theme "Can't Remember to Forget You" reminds Theatre Chat what Shakira and Rihanna have got that Broadway doesn't, sex appeal! Just like Beyonce, looking at videos today they are all selling sex. So, what Broadway shows are selling sex this season? "Rocky" say's "Love Wins" but a Broadway Rocky commercial posted just three days ago only has 190 hits, and Disney's "Aladdin" may take us to "A Whole New World" but it's not that whole new world that pop stars are marketing to. At least "Aladdin" on Broadway has over 30,000 hits.

With "RENT" we "measure our lives in love" and Broadway Global and Theatre Chat agree. We as the arts community must measure our lives in social media hits and share postings. Show us some love! Don't forget to share this article, and send your choices on how to bring sexy back to Broadway. You'll find that information at the end. We hope to measure Broadway love with new plays and musicals that will leave a lasting impression on centuries to come. The art we create today on stage will be our legacy as a society. But, it seems Broadway producers see a safe investment in movies that sold well at the box office.

"Ghost" has sex appeal, but still not at the level of Shakira and Rihanna. This season "The Bridges of Madison County" may surprise you, as the fornicating musical of the Century, it comes closest to Shakira and Rihanna sexy. The Shakira and Rihanna video has over 22,733,840 hits on You Tube and "The Bridges of Madison County" You Tube commercial has only 2,361 hits, at the time of this article. You may even find Barry Gordy in bed with Diana Ross in "Motown" sexy!

So maybe its time for How Stella Got Her Groove Back starring Taye Diggs, even its' You Tube trailer hits are at 256,000 and this is proof that we need to bring sexy back to Broadway. BroadwayGlobal and Theatre Chat are counting on "Rocky" to knock us out of this world. A world of safe theatre doesn't coincide with the world we live in today. Movies are steamy, TV is steamy and even Commercial are sexy, so where did Broadway loose its' steam, when it comes to the real life issues we deal with? "Book of Mormon", "Kinky Boots", "Newsies", "Pippin", and even "Matilda" are getting closer, but we need sex on Broadway. Lets face it sex sells. If we don't do something soon Broadway will be a "Disaster"!

Even with "After Midnight" offering the most explosive choreography on Broadway, we are still in need to capture the new Broadway audiences of tomorrow. If you could choose any movie to be the new smash musical, what movie is sexy enough to bring sexy back to Broadway? Please send your choices and comments and you could be spotlighted in our next Broadway Global and Theatre Chat exclusive. Email

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