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Shaking off those Snakes

“I refuse to let the snake take my life,” declared Rev. Elvis Hollie, Associate Minister of New Vision Christian Church at a recent Sunday morning worship service. In a stirring sermon lifted from the biblical text, Acts 28:1-6, Rev. Hollie brought clarity and inspiration to a text which is often misunderstood and abused.

“Paul faced a real trial when he was bitten by the snake,” said Rev. Hollie. “But that snake is a symbol for the snake that can latch on to you today,” he went on to say. Rejecting the interpretation of those churches which are called “snake handlers,” he explained that the snake represents “hardships, doubts, storms, trials, and Satan. “If you have a mustard seed of faith, then you can shake off these snakes that latch on to your life today.”

Rev. Hollie pointed out that there are “people waiting for you to faint or even die just as the natives waited for Paul to swell up and die when the snake latched on to his arm.” However, Rev. Hollie continued, “When you have Jesus on your side you can shake the snakes off that latch onto you. If you believe in Jesus Christ, everything will be all right.”


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