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Shakey movie casts veteran actors in 3D dog adventure

Director Kevin Cooper, Beverly D'Angelo, Rylie Behr (below) and DeAnna Cooper
Director Kevin Cooper, Beverly D'Angelo, Rylie Behr (below) and DeAnna Cooper
Amarok Productions

Producers of the movie Shakey have scored a cast of veteran actors in addition to newcomers for a film being shot this month in Chicago. Steve Lemme plays J.T., a widower who arrives in Chicago with his dog Shakey and young daughter played by Rylie Behr. Lemme is a veteran of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe best known for the movies Beerfest and Super Troopers while ten year old Rylie Behr hails from Iowa with film experience already under her belt. Executive Producer DeAnna Cooper assures, “She is a pro, a natural pro.”

Beverly D’Angelo has wide ranging experience that began with a mini-series in 1976 and has been working in movies and television ever since. She gained national attention as Chevy Chase’ ever patient wife in National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. Beverly will play the owner of “Chateau Bow Wow” in Shakey.

Steve Guttenberg plays Sergeant Stubs in Shakey and became a household name for his roles in Cocoon and Three Men and a Baby. Alfonso Arau starred in Romancing the Stone as well as The Three Amigos and was director of the critically acclaimed Like Water for Chocolate. He will play Lemme’s foil as Chef Raoul.

Executive Producer DeAnna Cooper emphasizes, “Even though we are a low budget film, we have high end technology. The majority of our budget has been spent on equipment, to make sure that, when we end, we have the production value of a Hollywood film, shot in the mid-west.

Adding to the challenge of producing a quality film with a budget of $500,000, Shakey will be shot in 3D. “We will be the first 3D film out of Chicago,” DeAnna states. Director Kevin Cooper is a strong proponent of 3D technology. “I believe that is the future of entertainment. I think creatively it’s justified. And then as an investment, in way it’s unconscionable why you wouldn’t shoot it in 3D. There’s just absolutely categorically a shortage of 3D content out there.” When presented with the idea that 3D will lead to more action in films, Kevin disagrees. “I think even in a drama, one of the great challenges for a filmmaker is to put an audience there in that space with the actors.”

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Why is an article about an independent film recommended reading on Examiner? No wonder this site is going to hell.

  • Cher Horowitz 4 years ago

    Maybe you should watch more independent films. or try reading a book. :)

  • sameer 4 years ago

    hope this movie actually turns out decent. But i wont be surprised if it doesnt.

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