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Shaken Not Stirred: Flavored Vodka’s On the Rise

Vanessa Braxton, CEO and Founder of Black Momma Vodka
David Studios - NY

How do you like your vodka? Shaken, not stirred like James Bond? Do you prefer unflavored vodka, or do you prefer something with a kick like watermelon flavored vodka?

There is a spike in the number of flavored vodkas being produced around the United States and globally. That spike is magnified in places like Texas, where there has been a sharp rise in flavored and salty vodka production. A lot of Texans are beer and wine drinkers, but according to Vodka Becoming A Popular New Texas Favorite from Health News, they love their vodka too. According to the article, Texans like their vodka a bit salty, and distilleries across the state are producing 17 different flavors. “The Texas vodka industry is just exploding,” according to Dianna Mason, Ph. D. lead researcher of the University of North Texas (UNT) study, “Shaken not stirred, y’all: A comparison of Texas Vodkas.”

To get a first-hand look into the vodka industry, I spoke with Vanessa Braxton, CEO of Black Momma Vodka, about her brand and why women prefer a little variety in their vodka flavors. Vanessa is the first African-American woman to offer a nationally distributed line of vodka. Black Momma Vodka is sugar free, gluten free, and hand-crafted, meaning it is made in small batches, giving it a fresher and crisper flavor. The hand-crafting process also gets rid of many impurities which improve the taste of vodka and make it more pure to the palate.

When asked why women prefer flavored vodkas, Vanessa, who came up with her own vodka recipe and unique flavors, responded, “Women are unique, independent, and full of flavor today. I think this is one of the reasons they love the flavors and variety of the flavored vodkas. I believe in putting out a sophisticated product for sophisticated women. This is a new age and a new regime. We (as women) are observant and we want to mix it up. We are not boring and full of variety”.

Vanessa wants to send a message to women: Be independent, fearless, fun, and of full of life. Her brand embodies those qualities and she believes also empowers women to be more independent. Braxton also sees the flavored vodka trend continuing due to popularity and the fact that some women have had headaches and bad reactions to some flavored vodkas. With her selection of flavored vodka, there is a wide variety of flavors for women to choose from, including peach tea, chai tea, green tea, and sour sop.

What about vodka for the guys? Well, here is one for you. Bacon flavored vodka is available from Bakon Vodka. Bakon Vodka was launched in 2009 in Seattle, Washington and is sold in the United States and internationally. It has a peppery and smoky flavor combined with the traditional taste of vodka. Bakon Vodka is the first meat-flavored vodka on the market, according to its website.
Here are some facts about Vodka from Vodka Facts, Vodka Ratings and Vodka Reviews from

• Vodka is a natural spirit and is distilled.
• Vodka is treated after distillation with charcoal and other additives.
• Most commercial brands are made in large batches.
• Original, unflavored vodka has a distinctive character, taste, and is colorless.
• Many flavored vodkas made today are sugar and gluten free.
• Vodka was originally made of distilled rye.
• Vodka was made of potatoes as it became mass produced.
• Flavored vodka is also known as infused vodka.

The article also states that vodka is neutral in taste, meaning that it can be combined with other beverages. It also discusses that distinctions between the vodka are purely simple and subtle, and differ between their price and content.
Vodka continues to be one of the drinks of choice at parties for both men and women. Vodka can be enjoyed alone or mixed with another beverage. It may be flavored or enjoyed in its clear original recipe. Vodka will never lose its popularity.

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