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Shailene Woodley cries over haircut in newly released video: How to avoid tears

Shailene Woodley cried when she cut her long hair shirt in a recently released video.
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Shailene Woodley isn’t the first recipient of a short hairstyle to cry as the locks were coming off, and she won’t be the last. However a big fuss has been made throughout the Internet on Thursday over a just released video that depicts the “Divergent” star weeping while her hair was cut according People.

Hard to believe that the shorthaired stunner who has appeared on many the red carpets as of late cried over her chopped crop. Take one look at the smiling Shailene Woodley in the attached photo and then watch the video in People to see the 22-year-old well up as each ponytail came off.

The video of Shailene Woodley was made in August of 2013 for her role as a cancer patient in the upcoming film, "The Fault in Our Stars." Shailene’s lengthy hair was then donated to Children With Hair Loss. Although originally devastated by the shock of short hair, Woodley has come to love her shorter style and the freedom it brings, not to mention how devastatingly beautiful she looks. Her hazel eyes pop in the above picture.

Younger girls seem to be the most struck when the hair is cut short, as they feel it defines them or in Shailene Woodley’s case, gave her strength. The initial reaction is one of shock as hormones also could play a role. It isn’t easy for the hairstylist doing the cutting to have a weeping client. The professionals internalize their emotions and do take it personal, even if they too understand that the “first cut is the deepest.”

How can an emotional client be avoided? They can’t. It is par for the course. However, donating the hair as Shailene Woodley did and cutting it for a reason acts to serve a purpose and ease the shock. Many teens across Long Island recently cut over eight inches and more, and some were shaved bald to raise funds for the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

It also helps to know that hair grows fast, especially on healthy younger individuals. Explaining the rate of hair growth might not thwart the waterworks, but it provides a modicum of hope for the tearful teen.

Everyone’s hair grows at different rates depending upon age, health and maternity, but on average the hair grows about six inches per year. That is one inch every two months. So, if you trim a quarter of an inch every six to eight weeks, the hair has grown three-quarters of an inch in that two-month time frame, which is about four and a half inches per year, give or take and is healthy and split-end free. For now though, the Long Island Hair Care Examiner loves Shailene Woodley’s short hair.

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