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Shailene Woodley brings phallic horseradish roots to the 'Jimmy Fallon Show'

Shailene Woodley stirred up a lot of interest when she showed up on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" with some interesting stuff. Woodley brought Fallon phallic horseradish roots, along with some other herbs, on "The Tonight Show", reported US Weekly on March 13, 2014. Woodley, who is known for some of her alternative, new age approaches to health and well being, came up with a sack of roots at the request of a clearly amused Fallon.

Actress Shailene Woodley attends the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, California.
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Fallon commented, "Every time you come on I always ask you what new things are you doing? Are you drinking a new tea? What herbs do you have? And you went and got me some herbs." Looking very enthusiastic, Woodley opened up her bag, pulling out raw ginger and garlic, with a bright smile on her face. She shared that these herbs are good during the cold and flu season because they keep your immune system strong.

Than came the horseradish root as Woodley pulled out a giant, phallic-shaped root. With Fallon apparently a little red in the face at first, Woodley said, "Have you ever seen the actual root before? This is what horseradish looks like in its root form!" Fallon commented he'd never seen one that size before.

Woodley is also into survivalist lessons which have primed her for disaster, reported Celebrity Buzz. She’s absolutely convinced she could survive out in the wild and in an urban setting longer than most people. Woodley says she first became interested in wilderness skills when she started studying indigenous cultures a few years ago. She was intrigued by how indigenous people know how to survive in the wild and how to heal themselves with the plants that grow around them. Clearly, at 22 years old, Woodley, who is the star of "Divergent", is a really cute and very interesting young entertainer whose enthusiastic interest in natural health care is very refreshing.

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