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Shadrac: Family needs advice after their bulldog falls victim to breed profiling

Shadrac, victim of breed profiling

UPDATED MAY 11, 2014 A petition is now available here, asking Sheriff Chuck Smith to investigate this matter and to protect the family.

This is the story of a dog. Just like many dogs, he was saved on the day of his scheduled euthanization. He was rescued from an abusive situation with a broken hip. And just like many bulldogs, he's now a victim of breed profiling.

Shadrac is a catahoula bulldog. He lives with his family in the state of Georgia, in an area that doesn't violate any ordinances to own a pit bull breed.

Shortly after Shadrac joined the household, the family was visited by a police officer, who said a report had been made that the family owns a pit bull. The officer was told the family considered his behavior as harassment, and offered to show his vet papers and breed description.

The officer declined, saying he was only paying a visit out of concern for the neighborhood.

Shortly after this visit, the children in the family were verbally attacked while they were playing. Their mama was called fat, and the threat was made to shoot Shadrac. Police were alerted, and the same officer paid the family a visit. No report was made at this time either.

The family cat was then shot with a pellet gun, as was their senior dachsund. The little dog had her throat cut while on family property. The dog lived, and the family told a man to leave the dogs alone. Again, police wouldn't file a report. The dachsund has since pased away from old age.

The head of the family has saved animals for many years now. One of the cats saved wandered into a neighbors yard into a dogs enclosure. It was returned in a trash bag. The family has since rehomed all of their cats, since 8 have been killed over the past few years.

After the family spoke out on Fox5 Atlanta about a dogfighting ring bust, Shadrac became the center of even more threats. The family was threatened that night while at a local store buying cat food. They reported the incident in another city, since reporting these things where they live has proved useless.

The family car was broken into in January, shortly after an intruder was heard on the property. The same officer warned them that people in the neighborhood were concerned. Still, nothing was done.

Recently, a car broke down on their street while Shadrac was being walked by his owner. A woman got out of the car and began to threaten Shadrac. Deputies were once again called. Two days later, while the dogs were being walked, a man started taunting them. This was caught on video.

A letter was delivered after this event, claiming a noise ordinance violation and harboring a dangerous animal.

Shadrac has never bitten anyone, never attacked anyone. No vet or animal control officer has ever complained about Shadrac.

The family is afraid for his life, as well as their own. They feel like they're not being heard. Most of all, they fear they'll soon be burying a beloved family pet if something isn't done.

Is there anyone out there who can advise this family on what to do? What will it take to keep Shadrac safe? Will he one day be another statistic of a dog shot by police? Your advice is needed by this family.

Shadrac has a Facebook page here. You can contact the family here, or leave a comment below.

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