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ShadowPain: An Entertaining RPG Game for Apple Devices

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Apps for entertainment like games are widely available for portable devices like Apple. Among the many available games is ShadowPain, which is available for various Apple devices.

Price: $0.99

Developed by God Hammer, ShadowPain is an adventure RPG game with its own special offers for gamers on their devices. The concept behind the game is that you must remain victorious until the end. After winning a level, the player will be directed to the next level where new challenges await.
If the player fails to win against his opponents, he will be directed at the beginning, although his gained skill points can be used for leveling up, which will be helpful for future games. These characteristics make it fun for players to try out.

• Play random levels. Players will be surprised with the next level as it offers random features for a more exciting and entertaining game.
• Several maps to highlight different levels. Various levels mean different map layout and setting. Players will feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing the next map after completing the initial level.
• Gear collection available. Unlike other portable games, ShadowPain allows players to collect dropped items to be helpful for the player on his future battles. Defeated opponents drop their items, which the player can collect.
• Ability to heal and return to playing. Healing abilities of the character will help him prepare for the next level.
• Unique enemy and boss characteristics. Just as the levels are random, the opponents also have unique abilities, which make the game more interesting.

Looking at the game’s design, it is similar to the earlier game’s interface. Nevertheless, it looks unique and enjoyable for a game played for entertainment purposes.

Performance is no problem due to its lightweight feature. It is also compatible with Apple devices running on iOS 5.1. Its interface also emulates the early action adventure games, which gives way to its superb performance.

Unique Points
Its unique point is the random level and enemy profiles meeting players. While the game itself may be similar to other earlier games, this feature is enough to prompt true device game players to try out the game for themselves.

Overall, ShadowPain is a fun RPG game to try for everyone. It installs easily because of its genius architecture while it is also offers an exciting game. It is a good way to spend leisure time. Its compatibility with three different Apple devices make it work for a lot of players.