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Shades of chic for your little dress

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Certain occasions call for understated, classic taste. Any fashionista will tell you to keep on hand, ready for the impromptu event, a classic little black dress. You can wear it for date night with your honey, you can wear it to a job interview, you can wear it to a wedding. Since the days of Coco Chanel, the LBD has been at the forefront of critical style. 

To be a true LBD, your little black dress can't be just anything in black, it should be understated, elegant, and chicly classic in design. It should be tailored to your body, made of quality fabrics, and exude the kind of confidence you can feel coming off a photo of Jackie Kennedy.

To maintain that sophistication in your chic LBD, be prepared to drop a little cash, this is an investment piece, so choose wisely, and it will live in your wardrobe in glorious style for many years to come. As with all your pieces, be sure to follow to care instructions closely.


Equally as sophisticated, can be the little white dress. If you are looking for something with a bit more freshness, something softer, with a touch more femininity, that the LWD is for you. While it is appropriate for all ages, it is slightly more youthful, and lends itself a less serious personality.

Accessorizing your little white dress will add attitude to your blank and beautiful canvas. For an elegant evening look, choose classy metallic jewelry shoes, and for a more whimsical day look, you can go for pops of color. Your dress is white, so you can choose any color on the color wheel. The versatility of a little white dress is unlimited! Dress it up, dress it down, dress it for every occasion.

However, it is highly recommended that you do consider the feelings of the bride, if you are considering wearing a white dress to a wedding, which can be considered faux pas. The only event that your little white dress might need to stay home for.

Want to stand out? Some fashionistas, while keeping both a little black and a little white dress, will opt for something will a bit more fire in it's presentation. For these occasions, reach for the little red dress instead! The LRD adds sexy sassiness to your look, making sure all eyes are drawn to your chic, anything but understated look. 

The key to unlocking chic sophistication in a red dress is the same as with the LBD. The quality of fabric is of the utmost importance. It doesn't qualify as elegant just because it's red. Look for proper length and fit, and as with the black, be prepared to spend a little money, and think of your red dress as an investment fit for every occasion, even weddings.

Accessorizing your LRD can be very simple. Let the color speak for itself, choosing jewelry and shoes that will compliment the stand out factor of your garment rather than compete with it. Simplicity is ideal. A look revolving around a red dress is best executed when it's polished from head to toe, so be mindful, and use your editorial eye when choosing your accessories. Chic sophistication with a seriously sexy appeal can be achieved by combining the right finishing touches with your LRD.

As with all clothing, care and confidence are key! Own your look, own your message, and you cannot go wrong with classic taste in black, white, and red. 

Links to the dresses shown in the slideshow below:

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