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Shabby Vintage "I do!": get to this yard sale before it ends

Rent these country chic Steve Madden boots
Rent these country chic Steve Madden boots
Shabby Vintage "I do!"

Wedding season is in full swing! Although weddings take place all year round, in every climate and in almost every locale, the most popular time for weddings is still Spring and Summer. This is why many bridal shows roll out the red carpet for brides and brides to be in January and February casting their nets wide to try and catch those who are gearing up for their warm weather nuptials.

A trend that has caught on as of late is the Shabby Chic trend. It is a trend that has evolved into many different iterations. Under this broad umbrella of “shabby chic” falls country chic, napa valley, nautical themes, rustic themes and vintage themes ranging from anything between old Hollywood Glamour to Geek Cheek and retro styles. Shabby chic has become as unique as each individual bride who has put her own spin on the trend.

One thing, however, is pretty consistent. The shabby chic theme many brides desire can come with a steep price tag. Rental items, apparel and venues add up to one big bill. To be sure, weddings of all kinds are pricey even destination weddings have become quite steep. But is there a price too high to achieve the dream day you’ve planned since you were ten? Maybe…but maybe you not.

Shabby Vintage “I do!”, is an online bridal yard sale and rental that fills a nitch for the quirky, thrifty bride who is willing to think outside the box. In short, Shabby Vintage “I do!” is an online entity that will allow you to snag some unique one of a kind pieces for your wedding at reasonable rental fees and there are a few items for purchase as well.

Guys rent tuxedos, why can’t girls rent a dress or shoes or whatever else. Imagine renting a gown for $50 instead of buying one for $500 (or way more in some instances). You return it and you don’t have to find an eternal home for it in the attic or basement.

The one of a kind items sold are just that, one-of-a-kind. When they are sold, they are sold. This is a pretty cool concept that can give a feeling of uniqueness and distinction on your big day. Some big name bridal shops are convenient, but they are also cookie cutter and you just may see another girl sporting “your” look somewhere down the line.

Want more information on Shabby Vintage "I do!"? Check out to view some the interesting pieces offered there, but hurry…this is a seasonal yard sale that will end soon!

Shabby Vintage "I do!" is located in Thompson's Station, TN near Spring Hill and Franklin and is a convenient 15 minute drive from Coolsprings. Shabby Vintage also delivers to these surrounding areas for a nominal fee.

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