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Sgt Bowe Bergdahl – innocent or guilty as a free man

The subject of whether one man should have been traded for 5 convicted terrorists has been escalating on the news. According to Fox News, Army Sergeant Bowe R. Bergdahl is recuperating and receiving treatment at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, after arriving from Afghanistan, where he was held captive for nearly five years.

The 6 soldiers who lost their lives going after Bergdahl. Consider the cost of freedom and lives lost.
The 6 soldiers who lost their lives going after Bergdahl. Consider the cost of freedom and lives lost.
/ Debbie Schlussel
Hero or deserter? You make the call upon the evidence
/ NY Daily News

There are so many underlying things about the whole situation that people should know and then consider before deciding if Sgt. Bergdahl should be celebrated as a hero or condemned as a traitor.

“Army SGT Bergdahl was not “captured” by the enemy in 2009. He abandoned his assigned post on his Forward Operating Base (FOB), leaving his weapon. Several U.S. Army Soldiers lost their lives in search for Bergdahl.”

According to a column on Allen B. West’s website; Clare Lopez, a former CIA operations officer, a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, national defense, WMD, and counterterrorism issues; informed Allen about what Sgt. Bergdahl’s father said at the beginning of a press conference at the White House on June 2, 2014.

“What none of these media is reporting is that the father’s (SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s father Bob) first words at the WH were in Arabic – those words were “bism allah alrahman alraheem” – which means “in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful” – these are the opening words of every chapter of the Qur’an except one (the chapter of the sword – the 9th) – by uttering these words on the grounds of the WH, Bergdahl (the father) sanctified the WH and claimed it for Islam. There is no question but POTUS knows this.”

More about Allen B. West: Mr. West retired from the Army in 2004. Today he is a Fox News Contributor and has a website entitled, “Steadfast &n Loyal” During his 22 year career in the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel West served in several combat zones: in Operation Desert Storm, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was a Battalion Commander in the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, and later in Afghanistan. He received many honors including a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals and a Valorous Unit Award. In 1993 he was named the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year.

This conversation will continue on Ms. “V”s Blog to discuss if there’s a Christian perspective about one person’s deliverance and what the government has done. There are many facts to consider and many questions that need to be addressed. ???What Say You???

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