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SFMOMA and Asian Art Museum Presents Gorgeous

This Friday, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) (currently closed for expansion), is teaming up with the city’s Asian Art Museum for the exhibition Gorgeous.

This is a feature of 72 uniquely stunning artworks, all of which are from the collections from both museums. They span over 2,200 years and dozens of cultures, shining a light on historical and cultural contexts, each displaying the many ways that the term “gorgeous” comes in. In other words, the works’ unique ways is emphasized through the viewer’s attention, which in turn leaves that viewer to gravitate toward what could be considered strange or familiar, beautiful or ugly, bizarre and challenging or vague and very expectant.

Gorgeous features a blend of paintings, sculptures, objects of high design or decoration, and photographs. Artists include those well-known and studied including Marcel Duchamp and Jeff Koons, as well as lesser known artists such as Marilyn Minter, Yasumasa Morimura and Bruce Conner. Among what could perhaps be some of the exhibitions’ highlights include Koons’ Michael Jackson and Bubbles (1988), Minter’s Strut (2004-05), and Morimura’s replication of Edouard Manet’s Olympia titled Portrait (Futago) (1988).

The meaning of what is gorgeous doesn’t stop with the exhibition. The Asian Art Museum website also have a few videos where people in San Francisco were asked what they defy gorgeous to be. The exhibition is on view until September 14th.

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