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SFMCD Explores Art of Commercial Design

For their next exhibition opening this Saturday, San Francisco’s Museum of Craft and Design (SFMCD), explores the art of commercial design.

Titled Wheat Is Wheat Is Wheat, this exhibition goes inside what is the designer’s role in design and ethics, and explores its designation in giving shape to an idea, and recruiting the serve economic interests without actually leaving room for moral consideration. In other words, it is a humorous but provocative commentary on global consumer culture, which probably has people questioning the next purchase, whatever that may be.

The featured works in this exhibition displays borrow shapes and images from the world of consumption and concepts from fields of consumer ethics. One such sample can be seen on SFMCD’s website at It shows what would seem to be a orange sleeve, with a Nike logo on it, perhaps to give the viewer an idea that maybe Nike are selling more than just shoes and athletic wear. And also, the featured works in the exhibition are probably something that is perhaps not usually seen in stores.

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is on view until June 15th. The sponsor is courtesy of the Consulate General of Isreal to the Pacific Northwest in San Francisco and the Israel Center of the Jewish Community Federation.

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