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SF Sketchfest is on

The 13th Annual SF Sketchfest is on! That means eighteen days of comedy groups and stand-up acts. It's sure to be a blast, so don't miss it!

You may have read some of my previous reviews about 3 Woman, 1 Woman Show (with three women), the hilarious group of three women: Hayley Lovgren, Kristin Schmitz, and Maren Lovgren. They are performing tonight along with Pianofighter's "Chardonnay" and Jesse Fernandez Does Some Stuff and Some Other SH**. Tickets for tonight's show are $15, but each night's price can vary. It's generally around $15-$20. If you are interested in a particular night, make sure to check the price here.

Don't miss the chance to see these great performers (both familiar acts and new ones as well) - not to mention the chance to laugh! It is healthy, after all!

For more details (including the venues for each show), visit SF Sketchfest is on through February 9th, 2014.